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Team Data
Team Data
2sms Data Services – Team Data

2sms provides a suite of sms-enabled, mobile internet based data services, branded as Team Data, which can help to improve the speed, efficiency and therefore profitability of communications in your business.

2sms Collect

By using 2sms Collect, you can prepare short question sets on a web portal and then send out a text message, with an embedded hyperlink, which will allow the respondent to access and answer the questions via the web portal.

You can send information requests, or short surveys to customers, staff or suppliers, track and collate responses and issue reminders to respondents who have not submitted the required information. Respondents can complete the information quickly using the browser functionality of their mobile handset, or by accessing the internet from any PC.

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2sms Publish

If you need to send out management or other information quickly and reliably to field or remote workers, then 2sms Publish can do this simply and effectively, using a text message with an embedded hyperlink to alert the recipient, who can then access the information via a web portal.

2sms Publish can also send out the collated responses obtained when using our 2sms Collect product, so you can rapidly share the results of the responses gained with interested parties.

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2sms Info

The 2sms Info service allows you to make company news, news feeds and other information such as company address books, available to mobile and remote workers.

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