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Virtual Number Hub

2sms launches a one stop shop for one of the largest number of international virtual long numbers for SMS MT and MO services.

You can have one account which can have multiple international virtual numbers attached to it.


If you are a supplier of SMS services and your customer is a multinational who wants long numbers from multiple countries and you can offer some but not all of what they require, how do you meet the customer’s needs?


  • Supply your own long numbers using your own SMS services
  • Subscribe to 2sms for the remaining countries
  • Choose MO only or MO/MT for the remaining countries
  • Connect using SMPP or XML
  • Features
  • One account for all your needs
  • DLRs supplied where available
  • Single billing
  • Ability to segment traffic to gain additional billing records so you can re-charge
  • Access to stats via the 2sms online portal

How it works

  • 2sms has contacted the market, and signed up SMPP connections to a range of prefered suppliers
  • We have negotiated wholesale prices and optimised the provisioning process
  • We offer you a SMPP account. By formatting your Submit_SM PDUs correctly, you can set a MSISDN header for MTs
  • If you subscribe to a MSISDN, we will route MOs back to you via SMPP or XML

Virtual Number List

Australia France Israel Slovak Republic
Bahamas Germany Italy Spain
Belize Hong Kong Netherlands Sweden
China Hungary New Zealand Switzerland
Czech Republic India Nigeria Taiwan
Denmark Ireland Philippines UK
Finland Indonesia Singapore USA

For costs please click here

Shortcode List

Algeria Colombia Greece Morocco Portugal Tanzania
Angola Costa Rica Guatemala Mozambique Puerto Rico Thailand
Argentina Croatia Honduras Nambia Qatar Trinidad & Tabago
Australia Cyprus Indonesia Netherlands Romania Tunisia
Austria Denmark Ireland New Zealand Russia Turkey
Bahrain Dominican Republic Jordon Nicaragua Saudi Arabia Uganda
Bangladesh Ecuador Kazakhstan Nigeria Serbia Ukraine
Belarus Egypt Kenya Norway Singapore United Arab Emirates
Belgium El Salvador Kuwait Oman Slovenia United Kingdom
Botswana Estonia Latvia Pakistan South Africa USA
Brazil Finland Lebanon Panama Spain Venuzuela
Bulgaria France Lituania Peru Sweden Vietnam
Canada Germany Malaysia Philippines Switzerland
Chile Ghana Mexico Poland Taiwan

Additional Coverage

If you offer coverage to a territory not listed, please contact 2sms to become a supplier to our Virtual Number Hub.

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